HMEP has an updated website

In previous updates, HMEP outlined plans to update the current website to make it more user friendly and interactive. We are pleased to announce that the new website is now live. HMEP has developed a number of enhancements for the website, some of which will be switched on at a later stage when appropriate. For now you will notice:

  • A search function in the top right corner of all pages. You will find that you can search for news articles, events and case studies, which have been ‘tagged’ by subject area and location. You can also filter searched items on the results page to find information more easily.
  • The news page has a different look and feel, focusing on HMEP’s recent headlines without the need for scrolling down. Click on the headline to find out more about the article.
  • The events page now has the look of a calendar where you can view upcoming and past events. Click on the event to find out more.
  • A navigation column has been added to the left hand side of sub-pages which improves your experience and ways of finding the information you need.
  • There is now a resource library where you can find information on case studies, helping you to have visibility of what other organisations have done to tackle similar scenarios. More will be added to over time, and don’t forget you can send in your own practice example using this template.
The HMEP team would really welcome any feedback you have at this stage, so please email

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