Procurement Route Choice Toolkit for Highway Maintenance Services

How to access the Procurement Route Choices Toolkit

Access the online web based tool Procurement Route Choices Toolkit for local highway maintenance (first published by HMEP in February 2013, and updated in August 2014) hosted on behalf of HMEP at:

Important Notice: HMEP: Procurement Route Choices Toolkit - September 2015.
Following the publication of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, under the new regulations the scope of Competitive Dialogue has been increased and references to Teckal need updating to reflect that this has been codified in the new regulations. References to the negotiated Procedure should be replaced with references to a competitive Procedure with Negotiation. An updated version of the HMEP Procurement Route Choices Toolkit will be available later this year to take account of these changes.

If you are new to the toolkit, please register for access. Registering is quick and easy with minimal information required.
Version 2 of the Procurement Route Choices Toolkit includes the Teckal Exemption. This option allows for the establishment of a wholly owned public sector company that is able to provide services for public sector bodies and is exempt from European Union procurement regulations.
Before using the online Procurement Route Choices Toolkit it is recommended that you are familar with the accompanying Guidance Document (August 2014 version).


About the Procurement Route Choices Toolkit for Highways Maintenance Services

The Procurement Route Choices Toolkit is a step-by-step guide with practical help for local highway authorities, with less than two years of their existing maintenance contract remaining, to help them to efficiently plan and deliver their next procurement phase for highway services.

A web-based tool and guidance document, the toolkit is designed to help local highway authorities to choose from a range of procurement routes, showcasing a full range of options, combined with case studies and practices from across the sector.

The Procurement Route Choices Toolkit can help local highway authorities to:
  • Consider future service requirements and aspirations
  • Determine how closely their current services meet their future service requirement
  • Evaluate different delivery scenarios and help to assess the need for change
  • Based on the responses given, indicate which procurement route is best aligned to future service requirements and aspirations
  • Explore the different options available and to help to refine thinking so that the right procurement option and ‘match’ can be identified

Why the Procurement Route Choices Toolkit is needed

Many authorities invest significant time and thought as to which procurement route will best fit their authority’s aims and aspirations for service delivery. Furthermore, entering into the wrong type of contract can be expensive and lead to poor partnerships in service delivery.

The Procurement Route Choices web based toolkit and supporting guidance document aim to help LHAs consider future procurement options for efficient highway service delivery that are more aligned to their authority’s and customer’s needs. It enables the authority to review, debate and interact at all levels to determine the best option for their requirement.
Last updated August 2014

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