Procurement, Contracting and Standardisation

Procurement, Contracting and Standardisation resources available

To find out more and to access the full range of HMEP Procurement, Contracting and Standardisation resources just click on one of the links, below:

1. The Standard Form of Contract for Highway Maintenance Services (updated, October 2016)

2. Guidance on a Standard Specification and Standard Details for Local Highway Maintenance

3. Procurement Route Choices Toolkit for Highway Maintenance Services

4. Supply Chain Collaboration Toolkit

5. Collaborative Contracting Strategy


About Procurement, Contracting and Standardisation

Procurement, Contracting and Standardisation offers Local Highway Authorities a suite of standard contracts, standard specification items and drawings, documents and guidance for the provision of highway works and services as well as a web based tool to aid with procurement route choices.

Prepared on behalf of HMEP, the Procurement, Contracting and Standardisation documents have already supported local highway authorities with their procurement and contracting of goods and services; helping to make savings in terms of time and money by consolidating and rationalising procurement processes while increasing levels of confidence and quality.

Why Procurement, Contracting and Standardisation is needed

The time and level of investment involved in the procurement of high quality highways works and services is significant. In the areas where the greatest maintenance expenditure is incurred, local highway authorities can now benefit from considering the most suitable route for procurement as well as using standard guidance and documents developed from across the sector, removing the need to spend time and money on developing bespoke local contract documents.

Who should use Procurement, Contracting and Standardisation

HMEP Procurement, Contracting and Standardisation is principally aimed at local highway authorities to help with the future provision of highway maintenance services. The approach will be of particular interest to Heads of Service, Heads of Procurement, Account Directors and Contract Managers.

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Share your ‘real life’ efficiency practices, stories and experiences; to help other people, organisations and networks achieve greater efficiency.


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