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The Shared Services Toolkit - Text and Appendices (First published by HMEP in March 2013)


Shared Services Toolkit - ONLY TEXT Shared Services Toolkit - Text Only (PDF, 44pages, 506KB)

APPENDICES (all) - Shared Services Toolkit Shared Services Toolkit - Appendices (PDF, 66pages, 1.98MB)

APPENDICES - Summary Presentations - to help your understanding of the principles behind the Shared Services, a number of presentations have been prepared for Members, Senior Officers and Officers. These are included within the appendices of the Toolkit, but can be downloaded below:

About the Shared Services Toolkit

The Shared Services Toolkit advises Local Highway Authorities about setting up and running shared services.

Specifically, the Toolkit:
  • Helps authorities to explore whether shared services between authorities is right for them
  • Assists authorities to collaborate and to set up such arrangements
  • Guides authorities through the options for setting up a Shared Services arrangement, providing the methodology and processes that can be followed to achieve an effective and efficient arrangement
  • Offers advice and experience from others in the field

Shared Services is often used by authorities to test their appetite for closer working with other councils and as a prelude to creating a more formal alliance and therefore fits harmoniously with the other products within collaboration and change, including the Local Highway Authorities Collaborative Alliance Toolkit.

Why the Shared Services Toolkit is needed

There is an untapped potential within local highway authorities to achieve efficiency savings through shared service arrangements.

Using toolkit can help to save time in identifying and establishing shared service arrangements, helping to influence, guide and encourage Local Highway Authorities to consider their options. A number of existing arrangements demonstrate the savings available, some in areas that may not immediately be considered as having potential.

Connect and Share

HMEP invites local highway authorities and their providers to connect and share their practices of ‘what works’ across the sector.

Connect with fellow professionals from across the highways sector and access real examples that can help ignite ideas.

Share your ‘real life’ efficiency practices, stories and experiences; to help other people, organisations and networks achieve greater efficiency.


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