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The HMEP: Creating the Culture to Deliver Toolkit (first published by HMEP in September 2013) is available to download on the HMEP website at:


About Creating the Culture to Deliver

The Creating the Culture to Deliver toolkit is a practical guide for Local Highway Authorities and Providers (including their supply chain) on how to create the right environment to realise the cultural change needed to build greater collaboration between organisations, whilst driving efficiencies.

The Creating the Culture Toolkit:
  • Challenges readers to think about the WHY? HOW? and WHAT? of cultural change including the need for a shared vision, clear communication, roles and expectations, behaviours, capability and skills and planning, preparing for, and readiness for change
  • Explains the importance of having the right behaviours and ways of working to enable effective delivery
  • Looks at the cultural shift expected over time and makes suggestions on how to evaluate the extent of change and cultural shift
  • Contains practical advice and resources including examples of templates used as part of LoHaC along with useful contact information

The toolkit takes account of the experiences of London Highway Authorities and Transport for London in mobilising the London Highways Alliance Contract (LoHAC) and can be adapted by local highway authorities, local government organisations and their providers.

Why Creating the Culture to Deliver is needed

As growing numbers of organisations increasingly work together towards the common goal of achieving transformational change and to realise greater efficiencies and improved services through collaboration, so the potential risk that the organisations involved may not be suitably prepared to work together, increases.

This cultural challenge, often associated with the implementation of major change programmes, was recognised by HMEP and those organising and participating in the London Highways Alliance Contract (LoHAC) as a real risk to the ability of collaborative alliances delivering the potential benefits especially those considering formal frameworks, contracts and agreements.
Last updated on 30th April 2014

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