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1. Maximising Client and Provider Collaboration in Highways Maintenance Services

2. Local Highway Authorities Collaborative Alliance Toolkit

3. Creating the Culture to Deliver Toolkit

4. A LEAN Toolkit for Highway Services

5. Shared Services Toolkit

About HMEP Collaboration and Change

HMEP Collaboration and Change works hand-in-hand to encourage Clients and Providers (including their supply chain) to work more closely together, helping to create the right culture for change so that significant efficiencies can be identified, operational performance and ways of working can be improved and the way in which future roads and services are planned and delivered can be transformed - very often with positive and dramatic results.

Why Collaboration and Change is needed

There is an emerging awareness that remarkable achievements can be attained through cultural change and 'clients/clients' and 'clients/providers' working together in a truly collaborative environment - these approaches have benefits for everyone.

Who should use HMEP Collaboration and Change

Many service providers regularly collaborate and work with their clients to deliver real change. By continuing to build and embed a more formal and structured approach, collaboration and change can bring lasting, long-term results and many benefits to Directors of Services, Assistant Directors, Heads of Service and Officers.

HMEP collaboration and change is principally aimed at everyone who works in the highways sector but the principles are equally transferable to other sectors. The approach will be of particular interest to Leaders, Councillors and Chief Executive Officers.


Efficiencies in Street Works

HMEP has concluded its survey of the sector to determine how authorities interpret the Traffic Management Act when dealing with their own highway openings and openings of utility companies.  The findings have indicated permit schemes are beneficial to those authorities operating them, giving greater confidence and control to the authority. Over 50% of authorities either have a permit scheme or are intending to implement one in the short term. Finally, the report has uncovered a need for greater clarity for guidance in this area to unlock the benefits of collaboration. Authorities should see the guidance available from HAUC(UK), NJU and JAG. 

Connect and Share

HMEP invites local highway authorities and their providers to connect and share their practices of ‘what works’ across the sector.

Connect with fellow professionals from across the highways sector and access real examples that can help ignite ideas.

Share your ‘real life’ efficiency practices, stories and experiences; to help other people, organisations and networks achieve greater efficiency.


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