The Potholes Review

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Two documents are available to download about the Potholes Review (in date order):

1. HMEP: The Potholes Review (first published by HMEP in April 2012)

The Potholes Review makes seventeen recommendations for Government, local highway authorities to help to develop best practice in dealing with, and managing potholes.



2. HMEP: The Potholes Review: A follow-up report (first published by HMEP in July 2013

The Potholes Review: A follow-up report shows how the original recommendations made in the potholes review are starting to be embedded by the sector and explains what further action is needed. The review contains a number of case studies from local highway authorities from across England.


About the Potholes Review

The Potholes Review has been designed to help local highway authorities to develop best practice in dealing with, and managing potholes. The review explores a wide a number of issues but focuses on three main themes:
  • Prevention is better than cure – intervening at the right time will reduce the amount of potholes forming and prevent bigger problems later.
  • Right First Time – do it once and get it right, rather than face continuous bills. Guidance, knowledge and workmanship are the enablers to this.
  • Clarity for the public – local highway authorities need to communicate to the public what is being done and how it is being done.

The report makes seventeen recommendations, illustrated ‘in action’ through case study examples, for Government, local highway authorities and others to take forward.

Why the Potholes Review is needed

The recommendations in the Potholes Review can help local highway authorities to move away from using shortterm interventions in dealing with potholes towards; proactive maintenance, longer-term planning and preventative approaches which all help to make repair practices more cost effective.

95% of local highway authorities are following recommendations made by the Potholes review (The Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) ALARM (Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance) Survey 2013). However, HMEP believes that there is still scope for the full potential of the Report’s recommendations to be fully realised across England.

Last updated on 2nd May 2014

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