Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Guidance

Download The HMEP Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Guidance

The Highways Infrastructure Asset Management Guidance, endorsed by the UK Roads Liaison Group (UKRLG) is available to download on the UK Roads Liaison Group’s (UKRLG) website at:


Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Guidance (PDF, 136pages, 6.98MB)

HMEP has prepared a leaflet for councillors and others to explain how asset management can help improve roads and highways. 
  Highways - Maintaining a vital asset - What should Councillors know about Asset Management (PDF, 4pages, 148KB)

About The HMEP Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Guidance

The HMEP Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Guidance sets out a consistent approach for the delivery of asset management.

The guidance:
  • Gives advice on how to get started
  • Provides a basis to review existing practices against
  • Makes 14 recommendations for authorities to help achieve the greatest value from highways assets
The guidance showcases examples of good practice and will help to support all local authorities - from those who have made good progress with implementing asset management, to those who are still at an early stage of considering how best to use asset management.

Why Highway Infrastructure Asset Management is needed

Asset management is a well-established discipline, implemented in the UK and internationally for the management of physical assets.  Many asset owning organisations have adopted the principles of asset management and as a result, can demonstrate benefits in terms of financial efficiencies, improved accountability and stewardship of the asset, better value for money and improved customer service.

Connect and Share

HMEP invites local highway authorities and their providers to connect and share their practices of ‘what works’ across the sector.

Connect with fellow professionals from across the highways sector and access real examples that can help ignite ideas.

Share your ‘real life’ efficiency practices, stories and experiences; to help other people, organisations and networks achieve greater efficiency.


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