Guidance on the management of Highways Drainage Assets

Download the management of Highways Drainage Assets Guidance

The Highways Drainage Asset Guidance  (First published by HMEP in May 2012)
is available to download on the HMEP website at:


Guidance on the Management of Highway Drainage Assets (PDF, 60pages, 498KB)  

About the Guidance on the Management of Highways Drainage Assets

The Highways Drainage Assets Guidance showcases current good practice, tools and techniques to manage and maintain drainage assets to prevent localised flooding

Following a Review of the Element 2 Drainage Interventions (PDF, 29pages, 539KB) this newer guidance provides advice on how to prioritise ‘at risk’ areas and make interventions and provides a baseline for authorities to review current practices against and to identify potential improvements.

Why the management of highways drainage assets is needed

The recent severe flooding events are a reminder of the risks posed by flooding, not only to residential and commercial properties, but also to the strategic infrastructure managed by local highway authorities. The increasing impact and frequency of severe weather events, particularly flooding, causes major disruption and damage to the highway network.

The HMEP management of highways drainage assets aims to help local highway authorities to plan the most cost effective approach to managing and maintaining drainage assets and highlights three main themes:
• Defining the asset - having better drainage inventory data
• Service delivery, based on and the application of asset management principles to deliver a cost effective long term approach
• People and partnerships
Last updated on 30th April 2014

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