Asset Management E-learning Toolkit

Asset Management E-learning Toolkit


Access to the HMEP Asset Management E-learning Toolkit

The Asset Management E-learning Toolkit, developed by Atkins and endorsed by the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT) is available to access online freely by clicking on this link.


About the HMEP Asset Management E-learning Toolkit

The training material has been based on the contents of the HMEP Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Guidance. The Guidance helps all those delivering highway services, including senior decision makers, asset managers, service providers and practitioners, to embed asset management principles in their organisations and make the case for funding highway maintenance. It has been recognised and adopted by the UK Roads Liaison Group and is aligned to the ISO 55000 Asset Management Standard, drawing upon previous lessons learnt and good practice from the industry.

A five-module training package has been developed covering the areas outlined below:
• Introduction to Asset Management
• Policy, Strategy and Performance
• Asset Data
• Lifecycle Planning and Works Programming
• Leadership and Going Further

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Why Highway Infrastructure Asset Management is needed

The training will support all English local highway authorities to develop the skills required to embrace a consistent understanding and approach in implementing asset management. If implemented by all 152 local highway authorities in England, the 5% cost savings described in CIPFA’s Code for Transport Infrastructure Assets may be achieved creating potential savings to the national economy of at least £100 million over the CSR period. The value of the training has been recognised by the Department for Transport as it is included as a requirement of the self-assessment questionnaire, which English local authorities will need to complete to be eligible for £578 million of incentive funding.

Connect and Share

HMEP invites local highway authorities and their providers to connect and share their practices of ‘what works’ across the sector.

Connect with fellow professionals from across the highways sector and access real examples that can help ignite ideas.

Share your ‘real life’ efficiency practices, stories and experiences; to help other people, organisations and networks achieve greater efficiency.


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