HMEP's Objectives

HMEP's Objectives:

The HMEP Vision and Annual Plan are ambitious and focus on enabling and embedding transformational change across the highways sector. Three strategic objectives set out to deliver the HMEP vision and plan - each being led by an HMEP Board member

1. Encourage Leadership

HMEP will provide a more compelling case for change; working to secure the support and buy-in from elected members, senior officers and practitioners. We hope this will encourage leadership and help the sector to recognise the opportunities for transformational change so that they positively engage and take action.

2. Build Capacity

HMEP will help the sector to help itself, by connecting a broader range of people, organisations and networks. We will offer support to ignite ideas and build capacity from within and beyond the sector so it understands the benefits, and feels equipped to deliver transformational change.

3. Enable and Embed Change

HMEP will offer targeted support that enables and embeds change. Our range of tools and guidance, as well as indicators will help the sector to measure their progress towards improved efficiency and effectiveness, so that services are sustained long into the future.

See the top-level overview of HMEP’s plan of work and timeline to March 2015:

HMEP Annual Plan 2014/15 - Improving Highways Efficiency - published in December 2013 (PDF, 18pages, 8.3MB)


Executive Summary - HMEP Annual Plan 2014/15 (PDF, 6pages, 2.9MB)

HMEP: Delivering our strategic aims

Three strategic objectives aim to deliver the HMEP vision and plan with each objective being led by an HMEP Board member: The detailed planning and implementation of the HMEP objectives is now underway.

HMEP Strategic Objectives HMEP Board Member Lead
Encourage Leadership Haydn Davies
Build Capacity Geoff Allister
Enable and Embed Change Jason Russell
HMEP efficiency resources* Steve Kent


*alongside HMEP's strategic objectives the current work and review of HMEP products and resources is led by Steve Kent.

All HMEP Board members will continue to be involved in both the planning and delivery of the objectives along with a wide range of people and organisations.

Find out more about HMEP's vision and our Annual Plan 2014/15 here.


Last updated on 8th July 2014

Connect and Share

HMEP invites local highway authorities and their providers to connect and share their practices of ‘what works’ across the sector.

Connect with fellow professionals from across the highways sector and access real examples that can help ignite ideas.

Share your ‘real life’ efficiency practices, stories and experiences; to help other people, organisations and networks achieve greater efficiency.


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